Alaska - 2007

Minot, ND -
Charlotte, NC

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Day 38 - August 3: Minot, ND - Fargo, ND

Today's Mileage: 321  Total Mileage: 9,712  Start: 8 am Stop: 4:30 pm

Weather: Some clouds, but sunny; mid 80's

Via: ND - US-83 to I-94 (Bismarck); I-94 to Fargo

Hotel: Comfort Suites - nice hotel, seems to be fairly new

Breakfast: At Hotel Lunch:  Arby's (Jamestown) Dinner: Ruby Tuesday

Comments: The van has been dirty for several days and now that we are back on 'normal' roads I wanted to get it washed this morning. In Bismarck I saw signs for a truck wash (the van is too tall to go through a regular car wash), but they were busy so I had to postpone it.

Next we stopped in Windsor, ND to check out a bar - one of Jeanne's friends has a relative that works there. But she was not working today. So on we drove to Jamestown, ND - which is famous for having the world's largest buffalo. There was also a Frontier Town next to it. No charge for this.

The real reason we wanted to go to Jamestown was to pay a visit to the sister of a friend of Jeanne's - Evelyn, Vicki Paradise's sister. We had a real nice visit with her. Then a quick stop at two thrift stores in Jamestown.

Arnie also found churches in Windsor and Jamestown to check out.

Finally we got to Fargo, ND. We were passing through in the beginning of this trip, but this time it is an overnight stop.

After a nice dinner at Ruby Tuesday we visited the Roger Maris Museum, it's free at the West Acres Shopping Center in Fargo. Most of the museum is in the windows in the Mall, with a small alcove with some seats for a video presentation. It's nicely done! Roger was born in Fargo.

And we then washed the van at a car wash near the shopping center. It will still collect a lot of bugs - but at least we got the dirt off.

In the van we listened to the Mets beating the Cubs - topped off a great afternoon!

Tomorrow will be another long day, over 500 miles, as the trip winds down. Only two more nights in hotels.

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Minot - Fargo - - Windsor - - - - Buffalo - - - - -  Frontier Town  - - -  
Evelyn &
- - Roger Maris Museum - - Comfort Suites    

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Day 39 - August 4: Fargo, ND - St. Joseph, MO

Today's Mileage: 562  Total Mileage: 10,274  Start: 8 am Stop: 8:30 pm

Weather: Light rain in the am for about 2 hours, then sunny; mid 90's

Via: ND - I-29S to South Dakota
       SD - I-29S to Iowa
       IA - I-29S to Missouri
       MO - I-29S to St. Joseph

Hotel: Comfort Suites - another nice hotel

Breakfast: At Hotel Lunch: Fryin' Pan (Sioux Falls, SD) Dinner: Trail's End (Rock Port, MO)

Comments: Long day - many miles (all on I-29) and we made several stops. Jeanne found a memorial to the U.S.S. South Dakota in Sioux Falls, SD in one of the guide books, so we had to see this. It was nicely done. See the Website for more information. We also had lunch in town.

The next stop was the Iowa Welcome Center, which is located on a retired boat (Sgt. Floyd) which also is the Sergeant Floyd River Museum. Sergeant Charles Floyd is the only man to have died on the Lewis and Clark Expedition. 

At the Welcome Center they had information on Trinity Heights, a unique pilgrimage site for all faiths. After this visit we were off to our hotel in St. Joseph. We had to eat on the road since it got so late.

We listened to the Cubs beat the Mets in the van on XM.

Tomorrow another long day, although somewhat shorter, to Paducah, KY.

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Fargo -
 St. Joseph
- - - -  U.S. South Dakota Memorial  - - - -    
Prairie Dog  - - -  Sergeant Floyd  - - -      
- - - - -  Iowa Welcome Center  - - - - -      

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Day 40 -  August 5: St. Joseph, MO -  Lebanon. TN (near Nashville)

Happy Birthday, Kevin! Happy Birthday,
Today's Mileage: 640  Total Mileage: 10,914  Start: 8 am Stop: 7:30 pm

Weather: Sunny and hot - high 90's

Via: MO - I-29S to I-435 (Kansas City); I-435E to I-70; I-70E to I-64/Illinois (St. Louis)
        IL - I-64E to I-57 (Mount Vernon); I-57S to I-24; I-24E to Kentucky
        KY - I-24E to Tennessee
        TN - I-24E to TN-155 (Nashville); TN-155E to I-40; I-40E to Lebanon

Hotel: Comfort Suites - nice hotel, about 6 years old; I think the fanciest Comfort Suites we have ever stayed in; however, they have a very small couch - almost like a love seat - not really what I expect.

Breakfast: At Hotel Lunch: Hardee's Dinner: O'Charley's

Comments: Today was a driving day, and we drove the most mileage of any day on this 'tour'. We were doing so well that we decided to go beyond our original destination of Paducah, KY and go to Lebanon, TN just east of Nashville. This way we'll have a shorter day tomorrow when we lose an hour.

It's good to see lower gas prices. After paying almost $5/gallon in the Yukon, they are ONLY $2.63 in TN. Everything is relative

At dinner today we celebrated Rose's birthday. It's not until later this month, but since the rest of us had birthdays on this trip, we thought it would only be fair if we recognized another birthday. Kevin is our grandson, and his birthday is today.

Tomorrow we should get home.

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Comfort Suites          

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Day 41 - August 6: Lebanon, TN - Charlotte, NC

Today's Mileage: 406  Total Mileage: 11,320  Start: 8 am Stop: 3:45 pm

Weather: Sunny & hot again today. high 90's

Via: TN - I-40E to North Carolina
        NC - I-40E to US-321 (Hickory). US-321S to I-85 (Gastonia)
               I-85N to I-485; I-485E to Pineville

Breakfast: At Hotel Lunch: Taco Bell Dinner: Home

Comments: This was the final leg. All we did was drive. We got this far without any accidents or tickets, so I was glad to see nothing happened on the last day.

There was unfinished business left from yesterday. When we had lunch at Hardee's they offered Orange Cream Milkshakes - except they were out of ice cream. So today found a Hardee's that had ice cream.

When I get some time I will summarize the trip. For now I'll just say it was a fantastic trip - went about as well as can be expected.

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