Europe - August 2010


Travelers: Jeanne & Ken Stutt, Charlotte, NC

I thought we had made our last trip to Europe, until I ran across good sale on a river cruise from the North Sea(Amsterdam) to the Black Sea (Bucharest, Romania) - 23 days. We had wanted to do this trip for a while.

As long as we were in Europe, this seemed to be a good opportunity to check out how Kiel has changed in the last 20 years or so. I was born in Kiel, left in 1954 and had not been back since the the early 80's. I don't have any more relatives there, I just wanted to see what they had done to the city.

So we'll go over a few days before the cruise, fly to Hamburg, then make our way to Kiel, which is about 60 miles north-east of Hamburg. Then we'll take to train to Amsterdam to join the cruise.

This is a condensed version of the trip. Stages are linked once I have something to report.


    From      To
1  Charlotte, NC (8/3)  Kiel - Amsterdam (8/7)
2  Amsterdam (8/8)  Miltenberg, Germany (8/12)
3  Würzburg, Germany (8/13)  Passau, Austria (8/17)
4  Grein, Austria (8/18)  Budapest, Hungary (8/22)
5  Kalocsa, Hungary (8/23)  Rousse, Bulgaria (8/27)
6  Silistra, Bulgaria (8/28)  Charlotte, NC (8/30)
Here's a Map of the of the Cruise portion of the Trip:

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