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If this is your first visit - Welcome to Tins Galore I collect tins myself & I like to pick up duplicates whenever I can to help you out with your collection. 

If you send me an e-mail & don't hear from me within a day - we're probably not home. I'm retired & every now and then we take off, but we are home most of the time. You may want to send me another e-mail, just in case it got lost, but if you still don't hear from me - I'll get back to you as soon as I return. 

If we are on the road I may answer you since I have a laptop. Of course, I can't fill any orders, but at least you'll know that I got your e-mail.

I welcome any suggestions. Some of the "Special Pages" are here because they have been suggested to me. And PLEASE let me know of any problems you have such as missing pictures, incorrect pictures, links that don't work, etc. I promise I won't get mad!

Here are some links which may be of interest to you:

  • Tin Can Sally - she makes switch plates from old and new tins - a neat idea (and she is also a customer!)

  • Recycle Your Tins - for those who are looking to sell tins.  I don't buy tins, so you are better off going here.

  • Links - to other collectors, manufacturers of tins & companies which have products in tins

Happy Collecting!

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All the tins can be found in the Alpha Index. In some cases you will find a reference to another page. I did this to keep the pages smaller.

There are quite a few Special Pages if you are looking for specific tins. Tins may appear in more than one list and some tins are only in the Alpha Index - if they don't fit into one of Special Pages.

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